Client Overview: is a renowned online retailer specializing in exquisite diamonds, engagement rings, and fine jewelry. With a commitment to offering exceptional quality and customer service, aims to provide a seamless online shopping experience for customers seeking luxury jewelry items.

Challenge: approached Marelab Services with the objective of enhancing their search engine visibility and organic traffic. Despite being a well-established brand in the jewelry industry, faced stiff competition from other online retailers and struggled to rank prominently in search engine results pages (SERPs). They required a robust SEO strategy tailored to their enterprise ecommerce website to increase their online presence and drive more qualified traffic to their site.

Solution: Marelab Services devised a comprehensive SEO strategy to address’s specific requirements and maximize their online visibility:

  1. Technical SEO Audit and Optimization:

    • Conducted an in-depth technical audit of’s enterprise ecommerce website to identify areas for improvement.
    • Optimized website structure, internal linking, and navigation to enhance crawlability and indexability.
    • Addressed technical issues such as duplicate content, broken links, and site speed optimization to improve user experience and search engine rankings.
  2. Keyword Research and Optimization:

    • Conducted extensive keyword research to identify high-value keywords in the jewelry industry, including diamond-related terms and product-specific keywords.
    • Optimized product titles, descriptions, and meta tags with targeted keywords to improve relevance and search visibility.
    • Created optimized landing pages and category pages targeting specific keyword themes to attract organic traffic.
  3. Content Strategy:

    • Developed a content strategy focused on creating engaging and informative content to attract and retain customers.
    • Produced SEO-friendly blog posts, buying guides, and educational articles covering topics related to diamonds, jewelry trends, and buying tips.
    • Implemented user-generated content strategies, such as customer reviews and testimonials, to enhance trust and credibility.
  4. Ecommerce SEO Enhancements:

    • Implemented best practices for ecommerce SEO, including optimization of product images, structured data markup, and canonical tags.
    • Enhanced product pages with detailed descriptions, specifications, and customer reviews to improve conversion rates and user experience.
    • Implemented schema markup for product rich snippets to enhance visibility and click-through rates in search results.

Results: The implementation of Marelab Services’ SEO strategy resulted in significant improvements for’s enterprise ecommerce website:

  • Increased Organic Traffic: experienced a substantial increase in organic traffic, leading to more qualified leads and potential customers.
  • Higher Search Rankings: achieved higher rankings in SERPs for targeted keywords, resulting in improved visibility and brand exposure.
  • Improved Conversion Rates: With enhanced product pages and user-friendly navigation, saw an improvement in conversion rates, leading to increased sales and revenue.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The technical optimizations and content improvements contributed to a better user experience, reducing bounce rates and increasing engagement.
  • Positive ROI:’s investment in SEO generated a positive return on investment, with increased revenue attributed to the improved search visibility and traffic.

Conclusion: Marelab Services successfully elevated’s SEO performance on their enterprise ecommerce website, helping them achieve higher search rankings, increased organic traffic, and improved conversion rates. By implementing a tailored SEO strategy for an enterprise ecommerce platform, Marelab Services provided with the tools and techniques necessary to thrive in a competitive online jewelry market.