Client Background: Nova Benefits is a mobile app offering innovative solutions for employee benefits management. Despite its valuable offerings, Nova Benefits faced challenges in gaining visibility in the competitive app market. To address these challenges, Nova Benefits partnered with Marelab Services to optimize its mobile app for better search engine visibility and user acquisition.


  1. SEO Optimization: Improve Nova Benefits’ app visibility and ranking on app stores to increase downloads and user engagement.


SEO Optimization:

  • Conducted a comprehensive analysis of the employee benefits market and Nova Benefits’ target audience to identify relevant keywords and optimization opportunities.
  • Optimized Nova Benefits’ app title, description, and keywords to improve its visibility and ranking on app store search results.
  • Implemented app store optimization (ASO) strategies to enhance Nova Benefits’ presence in the employee benefits category and related searches.
  • Developed a backlink strategy to increase the app’s authority and credibility, leading to higher rankings.


  1. Improved App Visibility:

    • Nova Benefits’ app visibility significantly increased on app store search results.
    • Higher rankings for relevant keywords led to increased exposure and discoverability among potential users.
  2. Increased Downloads:

    • Implementation of ASO strategies resulted in a higher number of downloads for Nova Benefits.
    • Improved visibility and rankings attracted more users to download and install the app.


Through strategic SEO solutions provided by Marelab Services, Nova Benefits successfully enhanced its app visibility and increased downloads. By optimizing app store elements and implementing ASO strategies, Nova Benefits achieved higher rankings in relevant searches, leading to increased user engagement and downloads. This project demonstrates the importance of SEO in maximizing app visibility and attracting more users in the competitive mobile app market.